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Tim Kilroy, July, 2020

Dear Agency Owner,

With the advent of COVID-19, the world is fundamentally a different place than it was just a few weeks ago. For the 1st time in over a decade, agencies are looking at a market that is contracting, instead of living in the bliss of eternal expansion.

Welcome to the big leagues. 

I started my 1st agency in the depths of the dot com crash - that was ugly. Then it was followed less than a year later by 9/11. 

I started my 2nd agency just a few weeks before Bear Stearns collapsed and the 2008 financial crisis. My timing is terrible. 

But I wouldn't trade those difficult times for anything.

Navigating agency businesses during those times teaches you things that the good times may not...I've learned how to land new business when things were desperate and that made me better at closing business when things are easy.

Being tested is good - you learn where you need to improve.

But being tested without any resources isn't a fair test. 

That's why we've doubled down on Agency Breakout, our group program that helps agency owners go from "Can we do this?" to "We've got this!" This is the kind of structured agency growth program that you need to navigate this undiscovered country.

We work on the mechanics that matter for your business. 

Over 8-weeks, this program starts with your target client, your offer & how to sell. 

Then we transition to lead gen (paid & organic), some more advanced selling strategies.

Since we are on the path to scale, we talk about hiring and managing a team.

 And then we get to my two favorite parts - building deep and true relationships with your clients through effective account management, and changing yourself from a marketer & manager to a company leader.

That is a lot for 8 weeks. 
But the transformations are real.

Here Are Some of Our Success Stories


"In 10 weeks, we went from 7 clients to 17 - from low 6 figures to mid 6 figures. It just happened so fast - better scripts, better lead gen channels, and better close rates. There were problems I didn't even know how to express and we were able to create plans to solve them. So good..." - Bostjan - HustlerMarketing.com

This Changed Everything...

"In 3 months, we had a new offer (much much bigger), a new sales script, a new onboarding process, and a new way to talk about ourselves to our clients. In our 1st full month after working together, we landed $110K in new business...and it has only gotten better from there..." Anfernee - Transbiz.com.tw

The Guy Is A Wizard...

"In less than 8 weeks, my MRR  increased by 80-90%. When we started, I was a stressed out mess. But working with Tim, we created systems that allowed my team to do their work...and for me work on the business. When we started, my stress was at a 10 - now it is a 1 or a 2. And, I know we've just scratched the surface of what he knows." Wilding - AccelGrow
The funny thing about growing your business in a crazy world is that it really is an exercise in back to basics. The things that you do when times are tough are the basics. Great service, great insight, great value are table stakes. The agencies that know how to present their value and who know their client needs deeply are the ones that thrive in difficult times and are at a huge advantage when things are good again.

You will make it through this - and we are here to help.

What Are You Going To Learn In Agency Breakout?

  • RETURN ON UNDERSTANDING: Invest into your clients issues to generate massive returns.
  • THE MAGIC MACHINE: Create a service purpose built to solve client problems
  • SELLING AS A SERVICE: Get clients asking to work with you & make closing a breeze.
  • THE SIX BULLETS: Focus on 6 things to skyrocket your revenue & profit gains.
  • BONUS BUDGET REPORTING: Show your value every day to your client.
  • THE 5 STEP SALES SCRIPT: Bring the client on a journey where you are the only solution.

Incredible Value...

"With Tim's approach of support and experience sharing, I was able to go from working 70-80+ hour weeks down to a normal amount of hours while also still growing the business top and bottom line! I am in a much happier place personally and our business is in a more valuable place after working with Tim." Dan - Trident Growth Partners

This Covered Everything...

We were doing ok - we were growing, adding clients, but it was all hard. It was hard because we didn't know what we didn't know. But Agency Breakout gave us the right information that allowed us to build the systems that work for us. We don't have bottlenecks - we have opportunities. Andres - ED Digital

We Learned So Much...

We were going after a bigger market. We had a new service. Agency Breakout taught us how to sell, how to close, how to generate leads, how to create partnerships, how to create a great offer, how to... Well, we learned how to run an agency. Milan - SmartClick
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